Administrative Committee

  • Preparation and recommendation of the budget after consultation with other committees.  Part of this committee is the Finance Committee which is responsible for overseeing church investments.
  • Responsible for paid Church Staff which includes the Minister, Administrative Assistant, Church Treasurer, Director of Music, Youth Director and Custodian.


Building and Grounds Committee

  • Responsible for all church property including the Manse and its maintenance.
  • This committee includes the former Board of Trustees who help with the day-to-day operation of the building and grounds.


Congregational Life/Fellowship Committee

  • Develop and oversee ways in which to engage and communicate with membership and the community at large.


Evangelism/Membership Committee

  • Develop and oversee ways to grow membership.


Mission/Outreach Committee

  • Responsible for planning and implementing strategies to reach out to the community for Christ.
  • Recommends to Session special offerings on mission, locally and beyond.
  • Educating the congregation concerning pledging and overall commitment to stewardship.


Spiritual Formation/Education Committee

  • Develop and oversee spiritually enriching programs for Christian Education for all ages within the congregation.  This includes Confirmation classes, new member classes, church leadership classes, and  retreats.
  • Oversee and provide guidance and training in accordance with constitutional requirements for Baptism.
  • Develop and oversee youth programming.


Worship and Music Committee

  • Responsible for working with the Pastor in things related to the Worship Service such as obtaining Pulpit Assistants and setting up the ushering schedule.
  • Working with other committees in preparing special programs such as concerts by the organists, Advent, Lent, outside speakers; also includes ordering materials related to the programs.