Witness to the Resurrection

Because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ we know that death does not have the final word for those who trust in God. Our hope remains in a God whose love will never die.   At the death of a loved one we pause to remember, thank God for their life and grieve together.  As a Christian community we pray that each step of the way is steeped in grace.


Funeral Arrangements at Our Church

We look forward to offering a space for you to grieve and celebrate your loved one.  Feel free to contact the church office at 732-382-0803, or call the pastor directly.  If it is on a Friday or the weekend, the funeral home should call the pastor directly because the church office is closed.  Please fill out the Funeral Preparations Form ASAP – this form can be sent to the Church Office or given to the pastor.  Memorial / Celebration of Life bulletins can be supplied if a service is to be held in the Sanctuary.  Also, repasts can be held in Davis Hall, the church’s fellowship hall – it can accommodate up to 150 people.