Mission Statement:

We are members who are very active in the community of Rahway.

We are teachers, social workers, lay preachers, secretaries, singers, storytellers, writers, and people who work in the business world.

We are cooks, bakers, volunteers, and organizers.

We maintain our own church and grounds in order to free up money for outreach and mission.

We are focusing on our children who every Sunday enthusiastically gather at the front of the sanctuary to experience the Word.

We are a congregation which takes an active role in the life of the Presbytery.

We are a warm and welcoming congregation open to and accepting of all racial groups, nationalities, and lifestyles.

We are now a stronger congregation since the merger between First and Second Presbyterian Churches in January 2012…

one with great hope and renewed energy and eager to go forward to do all that God calls us to do.

Vision Statement:

During the fall of 2016 First Pres began a discernment journey, as a church family, to pray through and listen to the Holy Spirit for direction.  And in December 2016, a retreat was held at Stony Point Center to worship, pray, and plan the next steps.  As the writer of Proverbs so eloquently says, our charge is to see the vision that God has for us.  And when we take the time to ask, pray, and live intentionally, then we walk in the blessings of God.  Who are we as a church?  What are the things we would like to do?  Does it lead us closer to what we believe God intends for us?

Pastor Erin and session were blessed to share in the tremendous excitement and energy for the church’s future, as they looked through the information and comments gathered during the fall.  They found there is much love and hope within the congregation, and images and words were grabbed from what was expressed to form a vision statement that reflects First Pres.  At a very special worship service on Sunday, April 30, 2017, the vision statement was revealed:


Echoing Jesus and his disciples, our church:

gathers to worship and joins in fellowship

creating community for all who come.

This strengthens us to go out into the world to minister to the vulnerable,

emboldened by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus

we work and pray for a world where all people can live in peace.


We are excited at what the future holds for First Pres!  We are  ready for the Holy Spirit to guide us in exciting ways.  We are ready to be surprised.  We are ready to be challenged to grow our faith.  Most of all,  we are ready to walk around in the blessings that God has waiting for us.  For God’s imagination is greater than ours.

If you are looking for a way to be involved in what we hope to accomplish, please join us for worship and connect with our various teams of people who help make ministry happen.  There is a place for you to use your unique gifts with us.  Our hope is that you will share them with us!